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This page contains Terms of Use applicable to all ClassApps Users,
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By using our product and services you acknowledge and confirm the acceptance
of these terms and policies.

Updated on: 05-Mar-2022 (previous version is available here)

The following Terms of Use - describe our practices through our mobile app and our software made available through the website (collectively, the "Service").

Our relationship is governed by the ClassApps.in Legal and Policies, and may further be governed by separate additional terms (mentioned on proposal/agreement/quotation/invoice).

Terms Meaning

  • "ClassApps" or "www.ClassApps.in" is an edtech product/website/service owned by company EZEON TECHNOSOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED(aka "EZEON TECHNOLOGIES®" or EZEON), 63, Zone-1, M.P. Nagar, Bhopal-462011, Madhya Pradesh, India, which is registered under COMPANIES ACT 2013, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India
  • The Terms "WE", "OUR", "US" refers to ClassApps. And "COMPANY", "FIRM","ORGANIZATION" refers to EZEON. In some cases "ClassApps" may be referred as COMPANY in this document.
  • User means any person or entity who is visiting/browsing/using our app/website/erp, taking our services and using our products. Also referred as Customer/Client/Student/You.
  • The term "SCHOOL", "COLLEGE" or "INSTITUTE" or "INSTITUTION" or "TRAINING CENTER" or "COACHING CLASS" or "COACHING CENTER" or "COACHING INSTITUTE" or "TRAINING INSTITUTE" - all refers to the company/firm/organization delivering the training service. They are ClassApps customers
  • The Term "SERVICE" refers to the ClassApps and its features provided to manage the training related activities. The Service is designed to help our clients like instructors or training institute or school to use a range of learning/management tools with a closed group of their students, and to help instructors share their instructional content with their students and with others.


  • ClassApps is a SaaS based product, offers the learning and management tools - for educational institutions like Schools/Training Centers.
  • Discloser: This product access is available to schools/institutes through - (a) use our official domain and mobile app, (b) white-labeled domain/subdomain and mobile app own by institution. In both the cases primary backend services for mobile app are interacting to ClassApps.in domain/subdomain over secure communication (end-to-end encrypted). Also the data or content is stored safely as per the industry standard practices. Check our security practices here
  • We limit the information we collect or maintain, how we use it, and who we share it with, to what is needed for this educational service purpose.
  • Our business model is simple(SaaS and B2B) ? We provide annual subscription to School/Institution/Coaching Academy to manage their student, learning and related training operations. We DO NOT charge to any student. The student/parent/institute-backoffice/institute-admin they all belongs to specific School/Institute. We are not in the business of selling information to third-parties, or of marketing or advertising for third-parties.
  • We apply data-protections for students under age 13 to address COPPA requirements, but almost all protections that we apply to child students we also extend to teen and adult students.

1. About the app

  • The ClassApps is All-IN-ONE integrated software to manage Training Institute. Streamline information management and align for better and quick decision making. It's ERP grade SaaS, EdTech solution with institute's mobile app.
  • The core features of the app includes Student Management, Learning Management, Fees Management, Attendance Management, Live Classes, Placement Management, HRM, Payroll, Communication and related features.
  • The intended users (belongs to school/institute) of the app are -
    1. Student - for learning activities
    2. Teachers (K-12 teachers, professors, corporate trainers) - for teaching
    3. Parent/Guardian - for monitoring the students performance and related activities
    4. Backoffice office team - for handling the business operations
    5. Admin - for handling the global permissions, reports and analytics
  • Age Requirement: There is no specific age restriction to use our product/services. For Child Student its strongly recommended to use and monitored by parent. We take care of Child Student;COPPA policies.

3. Service and Warranty

  1. Services are "as is" and "as available" basis
  2. We do NOT guarantee/warranty that the product/service(including the third-party services for SMS/Email/Infrastructure/Network etc) are full-proof, errorless, uninterrupted and fit for your specific need. Our QA team strive best to deliver accurate and acceptable solution through their best practices and evolving experience.
  3. We offer free trial/evaluation to client (interested leads during evaluation) to check product features, services and best compatibility to suite your requirement, before buying.
  4. ClassApps is a ERP grade EdTech platform and supports many features(comprehensive product); sometime this, limit to have access to all the features supported across all the devices (the feature available in web, may not be in mobile app or vice versa).
  5. Lifetime warranty or validity of Products and Services would be considered for period of 5 years
  6. Any domain/SSL specific issues like domain-hijacking/man-in-middle attack(or similar security threats) etc are not our responsibility. Because Domain and SSL services are provided by third-party service providers and its our of our scope. We are just registering the domain/SSL on client-behalf and we handover the access rights to client. Client itself has to care for security of his account. Also they must track its expiry and renewal to avoid any service interruption.
  7. In case third-party compliance requirement; The Company follows the standard practices and makes necessary changes in Product/Service including whitelabeled-app and whitelabeled-web without any prior information to the customer.
  8. ClassApps is facilitating Institute/Schools to computerized their business process. Its a shared platform (Software as a Service : SaaS EdTech). Any changes/new development/enhancement/addons (including the exclusively developed features; aka CR) on product is generally available to all users either free or paid as add-on features/services.

4. Service Termination, Data Deletion and Reactivation:

  1. After Expiry of Contract/Subscription/Validity of Service/Product, the agreement will be automatically terminated, without any preintimation/notification
  2. When payment not made on-time against invoice cause Service Termination/Block/Interruption/Delay.
  3. We can terminate the Service anytime without notification when user misuse (like Email spamming, bulk emailing, email marketing, Virus Spreading, Any software attack experiments, adult/sexual media/content use/publish in application/server etc) our services/products.
  4. Data Deletion: In case of subscription expiry or account termination; the school/institute data (including form-submissions, LMS content, Videos, Uploads, ERP content and other data) gets deleted automatically within 30-90 days without any prior information.
  5. Re-activate/Re-enable Service or Product is possible on "as is" and "as available" basic. The client must have to pay the due charges and activation charges to activate services.

5. Return and Refund Policy:

  1. Total calculated efforts and cost (work which is already done on project or service or training) will be deducted from paid amount.
  2. The cost of Employee/Services hired or purchased on client-behalf will be deducted from paid amount.
  3. GST paid for the service or product will be deduction along with above clause (a), (b). That is Total Refund Amount = Paid Amount - [ Clause(a) + Clause(b) + Clause(c) ]
  4. If the calculated refund is negative than user/client has to pay the due amount within 30 days. In case of failure to pay the dues we will terminate the service and accelerate the case to recovery team further.
  5. Once Change Request(CR) is developed, then it's non-refundable
  6. The refund process is initiated after 7 days and takes upto 30 days for final settlement.
  7. We provide clear justification for clause (a) and (b)
  8. Refund Policy is applicable only within three(3) months of subscription period. No refund eligible after that.

6. License and Distribution:

Source Code: ClassApps is a SaaS based product/service. Company does not provide Project source code, developer API, API Docs and Project Documentations (no matter whatever the case is, including the exclusively developed Change Request).

License and Distribution Rights: Only EZEON has the sole distribution rights. No others have rights to sell, resell, customize and distribute software and service in any form.

The ClassApps platform is provided to client's on subscription basis to handle their training business operations. Any organization purchasing license for single or multiple branches can use our software and service but they cannot claim ownership on our software, even after branding/white-labeling subscription and not authorized for resell and distribute on their names and under their own business-brand. STRICT LEGAL ACTION WILL BE TAKEN IF SOMEONE FOUND INVOLVED.

Partnership Program is designed separately for this purpose if someone interested in license distribution and resell process of our software and services.

7. Communication Content Responsibility:

Any Communication send by user/client using SMS, Email, Mobile Notification through ClassApps.in Platform - client is solely responsibility for any disputes.

8. Change Request (CR):

Please check the details here

9. Web Branding / White-Labeling:

The Web-ERP can be accessible from client's own domain/sub-domain.

  1. Client domain name(Example: www.your-website.com) will be pointing to our cloud server through compulsory SSL(HTTPS) connection
  2. Client logo and company name will be added throughout the application
  3. Content/material position, text color, icon and images cannot be customized and changed. Only name and logo will be replaced.
  4. Email : Client Institute name will be display in "FROM-MAIL" and email signature will be all yours. Also "REPLY TO" email id will be yours. "FROM-EMAIL" is using our-company-email service domain (Ex. eisdigital.net). We are using premium email service from "SendGrid" in our software. If client want to see their own email in "FROM-EMAIL" they have to purchase separate license from SendGrid, which cost approx $20 monthly for 50000 email credits (Essential Plan).
  5. Domain must be provided by client and we purchase SSL certificate on client behalf (approx : 700+1800=2500/- yearly charges applicable)
  6. Some internal services/microservices are still accessible through our company owned domain/subdomain and cannot be changed.
  7. Client has to pay in advance for SSL annual renewal before its expiry to avoid any service interruption. The last minute-payment to renew may take 24 hours or more.

10. Android App Branding / White-Labeling:

The Android App is white-labeled for client and hosted/published in Google PlayStore with their brand-name.

  1. Client logo and name displayed on Android app - throughout application
  2. App hosted in Google Playstore under your brand name / institute name Please note - content/material position, text color, icon and images cannot be customized and changed. Only name and logo will be replaced
  3. The app will be listed in our company owned Google Play Store Account
  4. (Optional) If client is interested to host app in their own Google Play account then additional Playstore fees applicable. Also our annual maintenance charges will be increased by Rs. 2000.

During app release in Google Playstore, sometime we experience app rejection due to Playstore Policy Compliance. In such cases client has to provide sufficient content needed to resolve the issue and time needed for the iteration to meet the compliance and fix related issues (sometime change required in App code too).

By default this App Privacy Policy link is used by us in Playstore listing. If client want to use their own link they are free to copy/refer our policy content in their website and provide us that your-own-policy-link for Playstore. But remember the privacy policy must be well defiled as ours.

The search-indexing and ranking of client's App in Playstore is not in our scope.

The app published in client'own Google Play Store Accoun and we are not monitoring Client's own Playstore account. You receive all app related notification posted by Google Playstore team (generally in your associated email address). If there are some issues in app reported to your email, then you must have to inform us to provide you the resolution as soon as possible.

11. Experimental features and Beta Versions:

From time to time the Company may make available new experimental features as a preliminary beta version. Beta or experimental features are subject to the following additional terms and conditions

  • The beta or experimental features may not work properly
  • Use of such beta features may expose you to unusual risks of operational failures
  • The beta features are provided as-is, so we do not recommend using them in mission critical situations.
  • We reserves the right to modify, change, or discontinue any aspect of such features at any time;
  • Future versions of such features may change substantially, programs that use or run with such features may not work with future versions or subsequent releases
  • You acknowledge and agree that we may use your feedback for any purpose, including product development purposes. Any intellectual property inherent in your feedback or arising from your use of the Service shall be owned exclusively by the Company.

12. Other Terms:

  • You agree that you never try to make any claim or dispute or seeking any advantages by tweaking or misinterpreting the terms/language-grammar/phrase in proposal or policies including the human errors (or system errors) through any form of communication.
  • In case of any mistake in financial transaction by Company(identified later through audit) and if the company is able to justify that transaction within 18 months of the transaction, the client must have to do the settlement of the amount(like return the amount/claim).
  • You agree that you never try to take advantage of any mistakes of any type and help us work in healthy and long term relationship, we too believe in fair business.
  • You agree that the idea/feature/concept/requirement/thought/suggestion/feedback you are sharing with us(through any medium like Oral discussion/Call/SMS/Email/Web Conference/Contact or Feedback Form/WhatsApp or any submission) are non-objectionable and non-confidential. It's your responsibility that what to share and what not to. If you think that there is something confidential/secret then please do not share with us.
  • Defamatory and Abusive Communication: You acknowledge and agree that the communication with Company and its people must NOT be defamatory and abusive. We are human and love to assist our customer with polite, respectful and appropriate language we expect the same from you. During the problem/issues, we understand the inconvenience caused and completely respect that and assure you to take all possible priority measure to resolve that.

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